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These are our current and future projects, as well as an abundant array of project suggestions. Should you be interested in doing one of these or yet another project, simply join our mailing list and state so. We're anxious to get started on some of these awesome ideas!

To create a new project wiki page, please use the project form. New projects also usually go through the Funding process.

There is also a lot of new projects at If you can think of a way to automatically get them onto here, please implement it or let us know!


[edit] Running Projects

Project Picture Description Type Contact
PiDor a raspberry pi caring about open/close of Level2 security Muling
Borne2Life The borne in the corridor is coming alive, bit by bit. hardware C17
USRP USRP.jpg Universal Software Radio Peripheral hardware Muling
HackerJeopardy The syn2cat version of the well known hacker jeopardy hardware Gunstick
RadioShow Syn2cat-radio-ara.png Lët'z Hack! D'Hacker-Emissioun vu syn2cat op Radio ARA media Prometheus
Syn2stock Application to manage and index all borrowable stuff software The metalgamer
Deaddrops Deaddrops-sizechart bigger.jpg Anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space network Perforin
Cortana Cortana.png The project's name Cortana regroups an enormous amount of ideas to improve syn2cat's sensors as capabilities to communicate within the community as well as with the outside world. network Prometheus
Tweet2cat Tweet2cat.svg summarize syn2cat feeds to twitter automatically software Perforin
Syn2wall Syn2wall-1.jpg Building up a wall in the chill to create a quiet, neat library in the Hackerspace. misc NPU
Membership Management Tool A tool designed to manage your membership. (MeMaTool) software Sim0n
ComputerMuseum little collection of classic computer systems hardware Gunstick
Lasertag linux Lasertag linux logo.png we've ported the popular lasertagging software to Linux software Bartek

[edit] Stalled Projects

These projects have been started but are currently stalled for one or the other reason. Contact the project's leader to restart it.

Project Picture Description Type Contact
Pentium2Atari Put PC hardware into the case of an Atari ST hardware
MwRegExt Mwregext.png Extending the Mediawiki registration extension used at HaxoGreen 2010 and haxogreen 2012 software Kwisatz
DeliciousThings Food is delicious, especially when hacked misc Macfreak109
ChaosVPN Inter Hackerspace private network network Sim0n
Syn2Sat Install satellite equipment for viewing enjoyment and sky scanning media Gunstick
Swarm Bots 1f40d i-robot.jpg This projects aims at creating robots that communicate and work together to accomplish an given task hardware Trollchen
Electr-O-Mat Electricity.gif Pimp my electrical installation in the Hackerspace. hardware NPU
Mac-a-Tag Multipoint Lasertagging with Macintosh misc Gunstick
Clutter Experiments clutter is a next-generation canvas library for open architectures software Bartek
TagBot pan & tilt robot with cairomm/gtkmm drawing interface hardware Bartek
Syn2Sign Building signs to hang next to the "TreffADHS" ones outside our space. misc Kwisatz
LetterRack W dsc 0082.jpg Build an awesome big letterbox out of a half height computer rack. hardware Steve

[edit] Future (planned) Projects

Project Picture Description Type Contact
Syn2rbine Create electricity from a windmill or wind turbine hardware Kwisatz
HacKids HacKids.png Kids are the future. So let's give them the knowledge and tools to design their own. misc Prometheus
FogScreen Laminar Flow Fog Screen hardware Gunstick
BOINC2syn BOINC Logo.png BOINC uses personal computers / server's processor units overcapacity to support their own scientific calculations. software Prometheus
Toolset Documentation documentation for the syn2cat toolset software Bartek
Christmas Face christmas-themed video installation art Bartek
Function generator With this function generator one can generate sine, triangle and rectangle wave forms with a variable frequence from 1kHz up to 1MHz. hardware Slopjong
WarzoneProject Warzone.jpg Inter HackerSpace Security effort security Steve
ChemLab Build a small chemistry lab misc Sim0n
GliderStream Gliders.gif game of life gliders on an endless procession hardware Gunstick
FollowTheLight artistic projections using openFrameworks or FreeJ art Kwisatz
DigitalBackPack The Digital Back Pack will be an overlay project for the real World and the Digital world. misc Steve
Instructables for people in developing countries, e.g. micro-generators, photothermal installations, water filtration systems charity Bartek
CodingForKidsWithKids software

[edit] Project ideas

Project Picture Description Type Contact
SMS2Space 1989-red-green-led-letters.jpg A LED scroller where people can send SMS and mails to, to be read by anonymous at the space. misc Kwisatz

[edit] U19 section

Project Picture Description Type Contact
DigitalBackPack The Digital Back Pack will be an overlay project for the real World and the Digital world. misc Steve
CodingForKidsWithKids software

[edit] Concluded Projects

Project Picture Description Type Contact
Wii2Mad IMG 0383.JPG The idea is to convert Logic Gates into mechanical ones, with the same properties. The electrical impules are simulated by marbles. misc Gunstick
ChillyChill Chill-room-plan.png Rearrange the chill area into a comfy room. misc Gunstick
GameCookies Gcookies.png Game theme inspired cookies art NPU
Touchy Tbe.jpg Install linux on an old Siemens TRADEBOARD E software Gunstick
TeraSpace general disk storage for everyone hardware Gunstick
SauveTaLiberte translate into french media Gunstick
Blinkentree BlinkenWood.jpg We built our own blinking X-mas tree for the market in Strassen. hardware Slopjong
KeyBite Chocolate-keyboard.jpg A slap of chocolate looking like a keyboard art Gunstick
Blinkentree DE BlinkenWood.jpg BlinkenTree stellt eine der Weihnachtsaktivtäten des syn2cat Hackerspace dar. hardware Slopjong
RadiusBridge Wifi.jpg Use your wiki password for wireless lan. software Sim0n
Syn2Skin a custom layout for our wiki media Bartek
Rekult Do walls dream of recycled sheep? art Steve

[edit] Looking for inspiration?

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