Bike Workshop for Everyone

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Note: this article is about a passed event.
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Bike Workshop for Everyone
Bike repair class, bike movies, and okkasiounsmaart
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Type of Event: Event
From: 2012/10/06 16:00
Till: 2012/10/06 22:00
Recurring: no
Organizer: syn2cat
Cost: 3 EUR4.181 $
2.616 £
3.66 CHF
Mandatory registration: No
Attendees: Stereo, ch4r3l
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Contact Person(s): Stereo (mail)
Keywords: bicycle, bike, workshop
Where: Hackerspace, Strassen (11, rue du Cimetière, L-8018 Strassen, Luxembourg)
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QrCode: QR-83c903e21689235430920f3eff8d82e2.png
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We're happy to kickstart our first bicycle workshop, open to everyone! There will be Bicycle repair classes, bicycle Movies and a Velo Okkasiounsmaart.


[edit] Bicycle repair classes

The classes will cover the emergency repairs and basic maintenance — you will know how to fix a flat tire, clean your bicycle, maintain the bike chain, adjust your derailleurs and brakes, and prepare your bike to ride through the cold season.

The idea is to learn from each other, share skills and tips. You are invited to come forward and lead a class!

At you can put forward your ideas and suggestions: what you expect to learn and what you could teach others.

[edit] Bicycle Movies

Two Wheeled City - The Pedal Project (44 min.) on how to transform Dublin into a cyclable place.

Thoroughly modern – The bicycle (27 min.) — a funny and informative BBC documentary on how bicycles evolved.

[edit] Velo Okkasiounsmaart

This is an opportunity to bring bicycle stuff that we don’t need any longer: accessories, tools, any small items that clutter our garage. Let’s free share them with other fellow cyclists!

[edit] Anything else?

The participation fee of 3€ covers supplies and a drink. Spread the word!

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Hackerspace, Strassen