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Source: ChaosRadioInternational 011 Interview with Steven Levy about the significance of Hacker throughout history.

Reality Hacker

Urban Spelunker

RFC1392 -> Hacker RFC Jargon File v2009 -> 4.4.7 dato 29.12.2003 (collection of Hacker Slang) Eric S. Raymond controversy ESR -> pushes jargon too much towards Unix and his own beliefs and wording usages.

segregation? years?

Notable Hackers RMS (emacs inventor) Eric S. Raymond

Bill Joy

Kernighan & Ritchie (C-Book)

Kernighan (cron, AWK)

Ken thompson, Denis Ritchie -> B/C Unix grandfathers, plan 9


Larry Wall

Guido van Rossum


Woz Steve Jobs

Notable Hackers in .lu? TZ, RPW

hack = creative practical joke

It’s at MIT that the term “hacker” is believed to have been born. TMRC understood hacking as inventing a quick, elegant fix for a complex problem without damaging or affecting the greater system.

Jargon from TMRC:

History -> wiki Page

Nethic (Netiquette)


Hacker Culture in the 60's -> Broad Then even broader today

.sharing .freedom, !secrecy implies openness .hierarchy .play .right to fork .rational

Media Picked-up term ~84

GNU (Hacker) Manifesto

Cathedral & Bazaar

Symbols -

Tux Beastie glider Camel

April fools jokes in the Hacker community (apparently huge!)

ur-Hacker = coders of the 60's phreakers, capt'n crunch!

Books: Steve Levy - Hackers

Movies: (have list in iPhone)

MTRC -> Rail road club @MIT - HS & H - MIT-AI Lab

BBS Culture -

BBS in .lu -

Dark Zone
LoneWolf (didi)

The High Society - Lux. Warez Scene


Homebrew Computer Club (MSFT - issue) ASCII-Scene Demo-Scene in .lu

Links to Hacker time lines:

for computing, unbounded, quest for knowledge, 

Hacker Timeline

1960 AD: MIT's artificial intelligence lab become stagin ground for hackers
1970 AD: John Draper hacks into a phone system to make free long distance phone call
1970 AD: Yippie socail movement make magazine to make free long distance phone call
1970 AD: Two members in Homebrew Computer club make blue box to hack into phone system
1980 AD: William Gibson coins Cyberspace
1980 AD: Makes first arrest of hacker
1980 AD: Two Groups form: Legion of Doom and Chaos Computer Club
1980 AD: Computer Fraud and Abuse Act gives clout
1980 AD: Computer Emergency Response Team is formed
1980 AD: Kevin Mitnick monitors E-mail of MCI and Digital Equipment. Later arrested and put in prison.
1980 AD: Victom of $70 million computer heist in Chicago.
1980 AD: hacker name Fry Guy is arrested by law enforcement.
1990 AD: National crackdown of hackers
1990 AD: Hacker captured for stealing military document
1990 AD: Conducts major raids of hackers in 12 major cities.
1990 AD: Hacker breaks into Griffith Air Force Base, NASA AND Korean Atomic Reserach Institute.
1990 AD: Texas A&M professor recieves death threat
1990 AD: Kevin Mitnick is arrested again
1990 AD: Hacker breaks into Federal Websites
1990 AD: 250,000 attacks by hackers in 1995 along.
1990 AD: Hackers break into CBC website, say "The media are liars."
1990 AD: Hackers break into Microsoft NT operating system
1990 AD: Hacker claim Yahoo search engine has "logic bomb"
1998 AD: Anti hacker runs ad during Super Bowl XXXII
1998 AD: Federal Bureau of Labo Statistics gets thousands of fake information requests.
1998 AD: Hacker break into United Nation's Children Fund Website
1998 AD: Hacker claim to break into Pentagon Network
1998 AD: US Justice Department unveils National Infrastructure Protection Center
1998 AD: Hacker warn it would shut down nationwide access to the Internet



    U.S. Secret Service (USSS) founded. 


    Alexander Graham Bell invents telephone. 


    First teenage males flung off phone system by enraged 

authorities. 1939

    "Futurian" science-fiction group raided by Secret Service. 


    Yippie phone phreaks start YIPL/TAP magazine. 


    Ramparts magazine seized in blue-box rip-off scandal. 


    Ward Christenson and Randy Suess create first personal computer 

bulletin board system. 1982

    William Gibson coins term "cyberspace." 
    "414 Gang" raided. 1983-1983 AT&T dismantled in divestiture. 


    Congress passesComprehensive Crime Control Act giving USSS 

jurisdiction over credit card fraud and computer fraud. 1984

    "Legion of Doom" formed. 


    2600: The Hacker Quarterly founded. 


    Whole Earth Software Catalog published. 


    First police "sting" bulletin board systems established.  
    Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link computer conference (WELL) goes on-line. 


    Computer Fraud and Abuse Act passed. 


    Electronic Communications Privacy Act passed. 


    Chicago prosecutors form Computer Fraud and Abuse Task Force. 

1988 A Cornell student sent a worm program over the Internet that penetrated military and intelligence systems, shutting down 6,000 computers.

    July. Secret Service covertly videotapes "SummerCon" hacker convention. 


    "Prophet" cracks BellSouth AIMSX computer network and downloads E911 

Document to his own computer and to Jolnet.

    September.  AT&T Corporate Information Security informed of Prophet's 


    October.  Bellcore Security informed of Prophet's action. 


    January. Prophet uploads E911 Document to Knight Lightning. February 25. 

Knight Lightning publishes E911 Document in Phrack electronic newsletter.

    May. Chicago Task Force raids and arrests "Kyrie." 
    June. "NuPrometheus League" distributes Apple Computer proprietary 


    June 13. Florida probation office crossed with phone-sex line in 

switching-station stunt.

    July. "Fry Guy" raided by USSS and Chicago Computer Fraud and Abuse 

Task Force.

    July. Secret Service raids "Prophet", "Leftist", and "Urvile" in Georgia


    January 15. Martin Luther King Day Crash strikes AT&T long-distance 

network nationwide.

    January 18-19. Chicago Task Force raids Knight Lightning in St. Louis. 
    January 24. USSS and New York State Police raid "Phiber Optik", 

"Acid Phreak", and "Scorpion" in New York City.

    February 1. USSS raids "Terminus" in Maryland. 
    February 3. Chicago Task Force raids Richard Andrews' home. 
    February 6. Chicago Task Force raids Richard Andrews' business. 
    February 6. USSS arrests Terminus, Prophet, Leftist, and Urvile. 
    February 9. Chicago Task Force arrests Knight Lightning. 
    February 20. AT&T Security shuts down public-access "attctc" computer in Dallas. 
    February 21. Chicago Task Force raids Robert Izenberg in Austin. 
    March 1. Chicago Task Force raids Steve Jackson Games, Inc., "Mentor," 

and "Eric Bloodaxe" in Austin.

    May 7,8,9. USSS and Arizona Organized Crime and Racketeering Bureau conduct
    "Operation Sundevil" raids in Cincinnatti, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, 

Newark, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Tucson, San Diego, San Jose, and San Francisco.

    FBI interviews John Perry Barlow re NuPrometheus case. 
    June. Mitch Kapor and Barlow found Electronic Frontier Foundation; 
    Barlow publishes Crime and Puzzlement manifesto. 
    July 24-27. Trial of Knight Lightning. 


    February. CPSR Roundtable in Washington, D.C. 
    March 25-28. Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference in San Francisco. 
    May 1. Electronic Frontier Foundation, Steve Jackson, and others file 

suit against members of Chicago Task Force.

    July 1-2. Switching station phone software crash affects Washington, Los 

Angeles, Pittsburgh, San Francisco.

    September 17. AT&T phone crash affects New York City and three airports. 


    April 22.  Hacker accused of rigging radio contests in San Francisco.

1994 A Russian computer hacker tapped into the Citibank's funds transfer system, taking more than $10 million.

    A 16-year-old British hacker broke into the computer system at an 

Air Force laboratory in Rome, N.Y. 1996

    March.  Hacker named u4ea in Boston is finally caught.
    August 18.  Hacker Vandalizes Web Site Of U.S. Justice Department.
    April 24.  Hacker reaches plea bargain with federal prosecutors.
    August 28.  Political Hackers Break Into Moscow Channel.
    September 14.  New York's Panix Service Is Crippled by Hacker Attack.
    September 19.  Hackers Vandalize C.I.A.'s Web Page.	
    September 28.  Hacker Zaps Tens of Thousands Of Postings on Usenet System.
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