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[edit] Hacktaculous Cocktails

[edit] The Hx2 project of mAcfreAk

For Hx2, I want to present the Hacktaculous Cocktail Bar, which consists of an automated bar where you can purchase your cocktails and their are automagically done using several robotic elements.

In order to succeed in doing so, here is a small sketch of how it should look :

Hackulous Cocktail sketch.png

So, the system consists of several components :

[edit] Ordering

Ordering is done via a touchscreen (courtesy of LTEtt), where you can either choose your cocktail or compose a new one.

A bill is issued and the machine waits for payment. Normally 5€ per cocktail should suffice. After payment is done, the machine issues a ticket (thermo printer) and forwards the order to the NXT.

[edit] Mixing

The NXT receives the order and waits for a cup to be inserted or placed upon a certain spot. It takes the cup in its arm and advances slowly through the liquor alley.

At each liquor needed, the NXT stops and issues a signal either to the ARDUINO or the controller machine which then triggers the ARDUINO's port to open a magnetic valve giving way to a certain amount of liquor poured in a certain time.

Each stage is done in a similar way, until the NXT reaches the end of liquor alley.

[edit] Shaking

At the end of liquor alley, the NXT slightly shakes the cocktail for the ingredients to get at least stirred.

[edit] Serving

At last, the order can be retrieved from the person who placed the order. As an additional bonus, we could add some dry ice for a smoking effect. This is, however, rather costly.

[edit] Hardware required

  • Robotic parts
    • LEGO Mindstorms, RCX and NXT (OK)
  • Electronic controls
    • Arduino controller (OK)
    • Electric valves
  • Woods
    • Panels for bottles
    • Fixing the glass(es)

[edit] Costs

Most of the material can be borrowed from either syn2cat or myself, so there remain the costs of

  • Wood

[edit] Acquired hardware (expenses & where)

  • Liquor dispenser (2cl), manual (12,82€ @ Juckem, Bertrange)

[edit] Needs@camp

  • Ice (camper)
  • Water (close to bar)
  • Towels
  • Soap
  • Alcoholic refueling
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