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The metalgamer
Name: Dennis Fink
PGP: 3DB78F6C, 81251009
Has interests:
Has these skills: python, guitar, bass, music theory, bash, lua, html, css, raspberrypi, education, pedagogy
Is also a member of: C3L, Archlinux User Group
Plans to attend:
Attended: Cyberpunk Friday: We Are Legion, General Assembly "Extraordinary" August 2012, Bootstrap 2012-08, Irish Hackerspaces, HaxoGreen 2012, Syn2talks - April 7, 2012, General Assembly March 2012, Atari ST Knowhow Workshop 3, Atari ST Knowhow Workshop 2, Fosdem '12, Atari ST Knowhow Workshop 1, Gutenberg Readers Night, Dinner for few (Sylvester 2011), PeaceMissions 28C3, Geocaching 3, Christmas bakery - Mass-production, Orwellbox and TOR, Bend-a-thon, Tweetup, Communication Security … further results




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