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Note: this article is about a passed event.
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Science Festival 2013 Meeting 3
Type of Event: Event
From: 2013/09/28 15:00
Till: 2013/09/28 19:00
Recurring: no
Organizer: syn2cat
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Contact Person(s): Gunstick (mail)
Where: Hackerspace, Strassen (11, rue du Cimetière, L-8018 Strassen, Luxembourg)
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Do more experiments with corn starch Make some soap run into buckets

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We need to get going with seriouns planning, aquiring materials and making our experiments work for kids. This day will be in 2 groups

  • a group to create the experiments for the kids
    • make corn starch
    • play around with it
    • drop stuff on it
    • try to pour soap to create the kaye effect
  • a group to create the public event
    • loudspeaker corn starch
    • kaye effect setup (continuous running, with a pump)
    • corn starch pool design
    • cleaning station design (another pump)

Hornbach is open until 19:00, we can go buy stuff the same day


  • water pump: just use an aquarium pump
  • soap pump: probably print it, c.f. pumps used in hospitals
  • pool: wood planks covered with thick foil and on the top edges foam to isolate pipes
  • loudspeaker: there is a plexi tube available, it's not very wide, but it's free. Put speaker on bottom, corn starch can't escape. Coat the tube with lotus-effect cleaner. (need to aquire correct size speaker(s) for that)
  • big speakers: have several sets of stretched foil in a frame to quickly put on the speaker
  • creating big amounts of corn starch: get a drill with mixer and solid buckets

Everything bought should have a bill with your name and the mention SciFe so that it can go to the correct budget.

Shopping list

  • supermarket
    • big transparent bowl (for kaye effect on curved surfaces)
    • various soaps (hand dish washing) and shapoos to test for kaye effect
    • other common household items (mayo, ketchup, caramel topping ...) showing non newtonian properties
  • hornbach
    • cement buckets (to mix corn starch)
    • drill (a normal power drill, with slow gear)
    • mixing bit for the drill (kenn brought one, we need a second one)
    • 3m*1m pool plastic (take 2 or twice the size, in case one breaks)
    • 3x 2m*0.4m wood (for the sides and the floor of the pool)
    • 2x 0.4m*0.4m wood (for the heads of the pool)
    • 5m pipe isolation (for the top pool edge)
    • tons of power tape (no we will not build the pool out of power tape like mythbusters)
    • steel angles to fix the wooden planks
    • screws
    • aquarium water pump
    • fountain bed (to avoid falling water from spashing)
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