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[edit] Photoborg


This printer has actually be moved to the opposite side of the hall. For information about our actual printer, please look here

You are facing the Photoborg bizhub 210.

It can transfer black toner onto A4 and A3 paper following your instructions.

[edit] Installation in your device

Photoborg is a Windows printer. To solve this issue, it is installed on the Windows virtual machine and shared as a network printer. It is located at schranz ( Its actual model is bizhub 210 and it is produced by Konica Minolta.

You can follow detailed installation instractions for common operation systems.

[edit] Problem solving

You can ignore the access code on the printer control panel.

[edit] Paper tray is empty

There are 3 small drawers for the paper. The uppermost drawer is for A3 and the lowest is for A4.

[edit] Low toner

It may be that Photoborg is running out of toner.

Before you continue, make sure that this certainly is the case (there is known issue that Firefox (tested with version 16.0.2) prints out several empty pages before (if at all) printing the actual page when the selection of the web page is printed.

The toner compartment is located above the paper trays. When you open the compartment door, you will see the instruction pictograms on the inside of the door.

The extra toner is located inside of the big compartment below the paper trays.

When you replace the toner cartridge then please put the empty cartridge in place of the new cartridge and mark the package accordingly.

[edit] In case of unsolvable problems

There is a yellow booklet on the side of the Photoborg that contains the contact information of the printer maintainer.

If you can not or you think that you can not solve the problems you are facing, please send the email to the facilities list.

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