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The rules for the fridge


We have 2 fridges.

  • Please keep the fridge tidy.
  • If there is a spill, clean it up, even if it isn’t your fault.

Drinks Fridge

  • Always refill the fridge: new drinks left, cold drinks right.
    • This way the next hacker does not have to guess which bottles are cold.
    • If you want bonus points, put the new bottles at the back.
  • Store empty bottles in the crates underneath the bar.
    • If a crate is full, take an empty one to replace it.
    • If there is no empty one, then there should be enough free space in the fridge to create an empty one.

Food Fridge

  • All items in this fridge must have a name and expiry date written on them. Use the labels provided.
    • To print the stickers use "borderless printing" and the 3x8 stickers A4 sheets.
    • If you're not able to print stickers, simply put a post-it on it with your nickname and mark if it's private or not
  • If you open something, write the opening date on the sticker.
  • Items that are expired or not labeled may be thrown away or eaten.


  • It's the bottom part of the food fridge. You can find the ice cream there.
  • The freezer is for stuff which can be frozen, don´t put bottles in there just to cool them. You *will* forget about them and end up with a bunch of glass shreds.
  • Your own items should also be labeled, at least indicate if it´s for you or for everyone.
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