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The rules for the fridge


We have 2 fridges.

Drinks Fridge

  • After taking out a drink or emptying a juice bottle put back a new one from the crates. Put it in the back row so that the next hacker does not have to guess which ones are cold.
  • Put your empty bottles into the crates on the right of the fridge. If a crate is full, take an empty one to replace it. If there is no empty one, then there should be enough free space in the fridge to create an empty one.

Food Fridge

  • Please keep the fridge tidy.
  • If there is a spill, clean it up, even if it isn’t your fault.
  • All items in this fridge must have a name and expiry date written on them. Use the labels provided.
    • To print the stickers use "borderless printing" and the 3x8 stickers A4 sheets.
    • If you're not able to print stickers, simply put a post-it on it with your nickname and mark if it's private or not
  • If you open something, write the opening date on the sticker.
  • Items that are expired or not labeled may be thrown away or eaten.


  • It's the bottom part of the food fridge. You can find the ice cream there.
  • The freezer is for stuff which can be frozen, don´t put bottles in there just to cool them. You *will* forget about them and end up with a bunch of glass shreds.
  • Your own items should also be labeled, at least indicate if it´s for you or for everyone.
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