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Name: Slopjong Slopjong
Has interests:
Has these skills: javascript, php, avr c, c++, qt, java, bash, javafx, eagle, electronics, jquery, python, xul, mathml, latex, turbo pascal, modelica, delphi, html, css, modula, oberon, some objective c, ... too many languages i've ever used
Is also a member of: syn2cat
Plans to attend:
Attended: SSH - Secure Shell, General Assembly March 2012, Atari ST Knowhow Workshop 1, Dinner for few (Sylvester 2011), Geocaching 3, Chrëschtmaart 2011, Christmas bakery - Prototyping, Orwellbox and TOR, Coding OpenDuino plugins, Bend-and-Blink-a-thon, 2011, Large Hacker Convention II, Communication Security, Gulaschprogrammiernacht 11, Ubuntu 11.04 Release Party, Cocktail workshop, Inkscape Basics, 27C3 Peace Missions, Mold Forming and Chocolate Casting Workshop


[edit] Skills

None. Just a bit of everything ...

[edit] Likes

[edit] Projects

The next section is my personal schedule. The actual projects are listed after it.

[edit] What should I do when I'm in the space?

  • Continue to work on the pdf tools
  • Port algotunes to C++, python's datatypes are too big (only 16 bit required)
  • Design and build a couple of atmel programmers
  • Design and build the syndiwall LED matrix
  • Design and build the Tetris LED wall
  • Finish the handout for the famous etching and soldering workshop
  • Create a screencast for the famous etching and soldering workshop
  • Create linux packages / ports
  • Create gimmicks for the haxogreen page
  • Check the wallch code and study how dbus works and how he's connecting to the internet
  • Have a look at haskell. Check this, this, this and this.
  • Write the Blinkentree editor and link it here
  • Have a look at DarkBasic
  • Have a look at Vaadin
  • Have a look at Admin Panel Bulucu

[edit] The most active

  • Erviz

[edit] Running and updating

[edit] Almost started

[edit] Not yet started

I also want to build this skateboard.

Some questions to be answered before the project starts:

  • Costs: ~300€
  • When is this project considered as successful? What if the board has stabilization problems which make the board ridable too hard?
  • What if some parts must be replaced to get rid of the stabilization problems? Who pays this?
  • Who can donate stuff .... or who knows somebody (who knows somebody ...) who could donate what we need?
  • Who wants to contribute? syn2stock has high priorities so the kickoff meeting will be in May/June

[edit] Concluded

[edit] Workshops

I held:

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