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Tera Space
general disk storage for everyone
Meetings: none
Type: hardware

Status: concluded
Members: Gunstick, sim0n
Contact Person: Gunstick (mail)
QrCode: QR-94132f727cc132da1342d7d8a5bc3155.png

While waiting for this project to complete, "naas" has gone online. A commercial NAS box which was sitting useless on a table. I got it to work and it now has the latest firmware. It's a Zyxel NSA-220. 300GB raid1

naas has been put on its shelf again and its disks have been migrated to Lusitania for it to be the new internal file server with lotsa disk space

Lusitania is the host for the TeraSpace project.
It has 6 slots for disks which are currently fully occupied, with 4 250GB and 2 320GB disks.
Possible extensions could be realized by using an external housing for disks and an additional controller card for the server.
Alternative would be to replace the current disks by higher capacity disks as the need arises.
Find details for connecting to the server on Lusitania.

Possible usage (TBD):

  • bring your laptop dans sync it to your private storage with timemachine, rsync ...
  • store huge chunks of data you would like to be available at the hackerspace, to one person or to anyone visiting
  • anything else you can do with a disk array


  • CIFS and NFSv3/4 enabled
  • Storage exported with R/W access on most of the data

Still needed:

  • Higher capacity disks
  • Second controller card (looking for at least SATAII 4port)
  • External housing preferably with several SATAII+ connectors
  • More disks
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