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Crystal Project package graphics.png
Pimp my electrical installation in the Hackerspace.
Meetings: none
Type: hardware

Status: stalled
Members: NPU, Gunstick, Sim0n
Contact Person: NPU (mail)
QrCode: QR-66c42c5725a6e220a3175bf856fdc8d1.png


[edit] News

[edit] Tasks/Sub-Projects

  • Add some power sockets where it's needed.
    • There are too few power sockets in the cable conduit beneath the windows, especially in the chill room.
  • Add some more fancy lights.
    • Blue, green, yellow, red... we need some more colors in the chill room, and maybe some cool neat illumination in the corridor and WC.
  • Add a single on/off button for all these fancy lights.
    • We are lazy, aren't we? So we need one BRS (Big Red Switch) to turn all this stuff on and off when arriving/leaving the Hackerspace.
  • Add a 5/12/24 V power source.
    • Instead of having a 12V power supply plugged in each 2 meters, we should put one single and powerful 5-12-24 V power supply in each room.

[edit] Ideas

  • Power Sockets
    • Some (6) compatible (Tehalit) triple power sockets are already bought by myself. We need to decide where it should be installed first.
  • Fancy Lights
    • Where? Which colors? What type of lights (tube, LED, ...)
  • BRS
    • Maybe with some EIB relays, would be more expensive but at least it's a standard and instructive for each of us.
  • 5-12-24V Power
    • A PC ATX Power Supply should be exactly what we need. Which outlets for the various voltages?
  • Out of Office button - everything shuts down automatically.

[edit] Achieved

  • Power Sockets
    • 3 triple power sockets installed in the chill, well done guy(s).
  • Fancy Lights
    • As u may noticed some blue&green lights were added to the chill room.
  • BRS
    • Some new toys were added. By entering the chill room u see a remote controller fixed at the right on the cupboard:


[edit] Useful Links

  • Hager Tehalit [1]
  • KNX (formerly EIB) Standard [2]
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